Kargıcak - Alanya

From 245,000 Last update: 09 06 2023

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A residential complex with a unique infrastructure, located in a picturesque area of Alanya, Kargicak. Thanks to the successful choice of land, namely one of the hills at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, absolutely all apartments offer a stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea, the city and the ancient fortress of Alanya. Kargicak is an elite area, located just 20 minutes from the center of Alanya, between the Taurus mountain range and the Mediterranean Sea.

Al Firdaus (means "the highest degree of paradise") is an excellent choice for those who appreciate a luxurious lifestyle and a private, delicate pastime.

The main priority of the complex is the halal concept, special infrastructure and atmosphere for clients professing Islam. In this project, taking into account the rules of privacy and traditions, all conditions for high-quality, comfortable rest and life of Muslim families.

The residence will be an ideal option for a certain range of clients who, due to religious and ethical reasons, cannot accommodate in classic residential complexes, but have enough budget to become the owner of premium real estate.

Al Firdaus will become not only a resting place, but also a kind of cultural center. A separate building will house a multifunctional infrastructure: prayer rooms, halls for business events, a restaurant, a cinema, a library, separate recreation areas and a SPA.The complex with breathtaking panoramic views is designed in the classical traditions of Islamic architecture. During the construction, ecological materials and modern technologies of the highest quality will be used.

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