In the summer of 2022, Turkey limited the possibilities for obtaining a residence permit by introducing bans on issuing residence permits for renting and buying housing in many areas popular with foreigners. However, there are still open locations in Antalya and Alanya. We tell you where to buy apartments if the main goal is to obtain a residence permit.

New residence permit laws in Turkey

In 2022, the Turkish authorities changed the rules for issuing a residence permit for real estate and the conditions of the Citizenship by Investment program.

They also introduced quotas for foreigners in 781 regions of the country - where the share of visitors with a residence permit should not exceed 25% of the local population. Later, in July 2022, the list of closed areas expanded to 1169, and the quota was reduced to 20%.

Foreigners who previously had a residence permit in the areas included in the list will renew their cards. And new buyers and tenants of apartments will no longer be able to obtain a residence permit on this basis.

Where to buy real estate for a residence permit?

Lara. One of the most prestigious areas of the city, a business and shopping hub, which is perfect for permanent residence. Located to the east of the center of Antalya. The coast here is rocky, which means that the views are beautiful, but the descent to the sea is difficult. In the area itself, there are several pontoons from which you can swim, and on its outskirts, the beautiful sandy beach of Lara begins (it is territorially closer to the Kundu area).

The main advantage of the area is the developed infrastructure. Here are offices of various companies, shopping centers, hospitals, kindergartens and schools (there is even a Russian one).

Kepez. A developing area of Antalya, which is now being actively built up. It is located 10-15 kilometers from the sea - tourists are unlikely to like this location, but it is suitable for permanent residence. Transport is well developed: metro, trams, buses - from here it is easy to get to the beaches and other areas of the city. And next to the house there will be all the infrastructure necessary for life.

The main advantage of the area is the relatively low prices for apartments. Land here is cheaper than by the sea, and there are still enough plots for building, so it is in Kepez that you should look for inexpensive real estate in Antalya.

Altyntash. Another developing area located next to Antalya Airport. It is relatively close to the sea (the very beautiful beaches of Lara), and to the center. A master plan for the development of the area has already been developed, several large-scale complexes with developed infrastructure are being built.

In the resort of Alanya, four microdistricts were included in the list closed for residence permits, including Avsallar and Mahmutlar, popular with Russian-speaking buyers.

Where to buy real estate for a residence permit in Alanya?

Center. Suitable for people who like to be in the thick of things. Bars, clubs, restaurants… Everything is here. Of course, there are also many tourists. The center was built up a long time ago, so there are few modern resort complexes in the area. You will have to choose among urban-type houses, most of the offers on the secondary market. Prices are high - largely because local apartments are well rented.

The advantage is clear: it is the center of the main resort on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. There is no free land here anymore, the existing apartments are in demand, despite their advanced age.

Oba. The closest district of Alanya to the center, where there are many more complexes of a new type - with swimming pools, hammams, playgrounds and more. The beaches and promenade are nearby, shops and restaurants are plentiful, transport accessibility is excellent. The location is suitable for those who want to live as close to the center as possible, but in a more modern house.

Tosmur. A residential area located between the center and Mahmutlar (the latter is now closed to applicants for a residence permit). The infrastructure is well developed, while there are few hotels, so it is quieter here than in the center. Beaches, parks, the embankment of the Dim Chai River, and the surrounding mountains are places for recreation. It is built up mainly with medium-rise residential complexes, many projects with a rich "stuffing". Prices are above average.

Konakli. Quiet green suburb at the entrance to Alanya, where there is all the basic infrastructure for life and recreation. It is built up mainly with low-rise complexes. The terrain is hilly, so many of the houses have sea views. It is considered, if not elite, then definitely a prestigious place to stay. The prices here are above average.