Alanya is a small resort town on the Mediterranean coast, which is part of the Turkish Riviera and is extremely attractive to foreign tourists. Modern real estate in Alanya, developed infrastructure and pristine nature are the main reasons for the popularity of this resort. The main ones, but far from the only ones. We bring to your attention 10 interesting facts about the city, which together represent the unique Alanya, and with it the Avsallar and Mahmutlar districts, in all its glory.

The most interesting about Alanya:

1) Alanya is considered the warmest of all major cities in Turkey. The average annual temperature in it is +20 °C, and in summer the average air temperature ranges from +35-36 °C. The beach season in the city is record long - it starts in March and ends in mid-November;

2) Alanya includes several attractive areas in its own way. For example, the Mahmutlar district in Alanya, 15 kilometers away from the city center, is distinguished by a quiet, calm environment, numerous green spaces, beaches and sufficient infrastructure. The center of Alanya is suitable for an active life, there are many restaurants, shopping centers and other infrastructure facilities. North Alanya is the border between modern city and countryside, living in such an area means the proximity of the Taurus Mountains, panoramic views from the windows and low population density. Another district of Avsallar, which is located 20 kilometers from the city center, is famous for its sandy beaches, comfortable hotels and a caravanserai of the 13th century;

3) The famous beach of the city is called Cleopatra Beach and has a rich history. According to legend, he was a gift from Mark Antony to Cleopatra and was very fond of the queen, who spent a lot of time here. Rumor has it that Egyptian sand was even brought to the beach. Today, Cleopatra Beach is a two-kilometer sandy strip with a wonderful view, warm sea and a well-equipped promenade. In the summer, it receives up to 10 thousand vacationers;

4) the city itself, as well as the Mahmutlar region in Alanya and Avsallar, is recognized as the best place in Turkey for families with children. Many city cafes offer special children's menus, there is a water park and a dolphinarium, and there are numerous playgrounds. In addition, attention is paid to children's leisure during the construction of residential complexes;

5) the symbol of Alanya, depicted on its flag, is the red tower of 1226. It was built to control the port, has an octagonal shape and a five-story height, and could accommodate up to 2,000 people. The brick tower is a vivid example of Seljuk architecture; an ethnographic museum operates on its first floor;

6) the city is a member of the European Association of Historic Cities and Regions, established in 1999 to preserve the cultural heritage of historical complexes;

7) during the Roman Empire, Alanya, which was then called "Karakession", served as a refuge for pirates who kept the entire Mediterranean in fear. It is believed that in one of the Alanya caves, Kyzlar Magarasy (Maiden's Cave), pirates hid kidnapped women;

8) Dalmatash cave, located here in the mountains, was formed 15 thousand years ago and overgrown with colorful stalactites and stalagmites. The unique composition of the air in this cave allows asthmatics to overcome their disease, and also has a beneficial effect on other respiratory diseases;

9) thanks to the numerous nightclubs, bars and discos on the waterfront, active nightlife, Alanya is often called the Turkish Rio De Janeiro;

10) Alanya, Avsallar and Mahmutlar are of great interest from developers and investors. The city is built up with modern residential complexes with internal infrastructure and high standards of comfort. Apartments in such complexes (real estate in Alanya) are sold at a nice price and quickly pay off if you rent them out.

Having made the decision to buy a home in Alanya, you get a double benefit. Firstly, the opportunity to relax in your own apartment at any time you want, or even move to Turkey for permanent residence and surround your daily life with real comfort. And secondly, you will receive a good, stable income from renting an apartment in Alanya.

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