When deciding to buy a property in Turkey, you will undoubtedly face the difficulties of typology of possible housing. Apartments, duplexes, penthouses, villas - all this makes your head spin, complicating an already pleasant, but rather difficult choice. Meanwhile, apartments and houses in this country have a clear classification, where each type has a set of specific characteristics. We propose in this article to deal once and for all with the types of Turkish real estate.

By purpose, real estate in Turkey can be divided into the following types:

  • residential real estate - objects suitable for permanent residence of people;
  • commercial real estate is buildings, premises and land plots that are used to generate income;
  • land plots - a part of the earth's surface, which has clearly defined boundaries.

The concept that has come to the attention of foreign property buyers in Turkey more than once is, of course, apartments. And all because this term is synonymous with housing.

This surprises many of our fellow citizens, since in world practice, apartments are understood as a special type of real estate that belongs to the non-residential fund, while having all the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay. That is, it can be an attic floor, a loft, and an office space.

In the Republic of Turkey, apartments legally belong to the housing stock. These include:







Let's figure out what is what.


With this, everything is simple. Turkish apartments are not much different from Russian, Kazakh, Ukrainian ones. Of course, there are some peculiarities regarding the designation of the layout, you can read about this in our article, but in fact there are practically no differences. The apartment has an entrance hall, separate bedrooms, kitchen, living room, bathrooms, balconies. Everything is the same as in our house.


Duplexes in Turkey are two-level apartments that are ideal for connoisseurs of large space. The area of two-storey apartments is approximately 100 m2. They can be located both in high-rise city buildings and in small residential complexes of low number of storeys.

Duplexes themselves can also be classified:

Direct duplex - in this layout, to get to the second floor, you need to climb up the stairs.

Reverse duplex - an apartment in which you can get to the second level by going down the stairs.

Garden duplex or melon duplex - apartments located on the first two floors of the building, which have access to their own garden on a small plot.

One of the indisputable advantages of a two-story apartment is the zoning of space. Often the first floor (lower level) is reserved for the front part, where the entrance hall, living room and kitchen are located. On the second floor (upper tier) there is a private zone. There are bedrooms and children's rooms with separate bathrooms and a dressing room.


A great idea for those who dream of becoming the owner of a luxurious premium residence is buying a penthouse in Turkey.

Penthouses in the eastern republic, as in most countries of the world, are prestigious apartments on the top floor of a residential building. Their area can exceed 150 m2. According to the project, penthouses can be single-level or two-level.

These apartments have many advantages. One of the main ones is the large open terraces. There are many options for their use: there can be a place for a barbecue, as well as a private greenhouse or even a pool.

Other characteristic features of the penthouses include panoramic windows, through which a lot of daylight enters the rooms. Thanks to this, the apartments become bright, cozy and comfortable.

The picturesque panoramas of the mountain slopes or the sea coast, which open from the windows of the penthouse, is another indisputable plus.

It is worth noting the excellent sound insulation. Due to the location on the highest floors, you simply will not hear the noise of the city bustle combined with the tourist buzz - but you will have access to silence and the starry sky, which you can enjoy to the fullest.


A private garden with exotic trees, a neatly trimmed lawn, a swimming pool and a spacious house with lots of sun-drenched rooms are all essential features of a typical villa in Turkey.

Unlike apartments, which are part of an "multi-apartment anthill", a villa is a private house on its own piece of land, it is a kind of "personal fortress".

In Turkey, villas can be either detached or part of a private residential complex. In the first case, mansions are built separately from other objects and according to an individual project. In the second, in a closed area, entire residential complexes are being built from several dozen houses in a single architectural style and with a common infrastructure, there may be their own supermarket, restaurants, shops, educational institutions and clinics.


A townhouse in Turkey is several villas under one roof. Usually such houses are one-, two- or three-story. Their main feature is that the walls are directly adjacent to the neighboring building.

Each townhouse has a separate entrance and a small plot of land, which often hosts a swimming pool and places to relax. Additionally, in such houses you can place billiards, a gym, a sauna. As a rule, this is done in the basement.


Cottages are small houses for 2-4 owners with separate entrances and their own plots. Usually they have two floors: on the first floor there is a kitchen with a living room, and on the second floor there are bedrooms.

This type of real estate is typical for suburban development in ecologically clean areas. There are even entire cottage settlements.