So, to prepare the dish, we need the following list of ingredients:

Monolithic frame

Incredible panoramic views

Natural materials

Built-in furniture

Internal infrastructure

And now we tell in more detail how this masterpiece is prepared, but in a more understandable language.

Turkish residential complexes can easily compete with European ones both in terms of architectural concept and high quality of construction. Developers in Turkey work at a high quality level in compliance with all regulatory requirements - from the moment of project planning to its commissioning. Construction in Turkey is carried out using high quality innovative materials and modern engineering equipment.

Each project is based on new ideas in architecture and design, which are adapted to the landscape characteristics of the region. And what is especially important is the reliability of buildings and their endurance. As everyone knows, Turkey is located in a zone of increased seismic activity and a logical question may arise - what are houses built in Turkey from? All residential complexes are built from a reinforced concrete monolith, when a strong reinforcement cage acts as the basis of the house, which is poured with concrete. It is this technology that makes it possible to withstand earthquakes with an amplitude of up to 7 points on the Richter scale. All stages of the construction of the project are strictly controlled by state supervision services called Yapı denetim.

The speed of construction of multi-apartment complexes is also striking - the term for commissioning houses in Turkey is no more than two years.

Another feature of Turkish residential complexes is a chic internal infrastructure, which is not inferior to the five-star hotels we know in Turkey. Outdoor and indoor swimming pools, SPA centers with a hammam, sauna, massage rooms, fitness rooms equipped with the latest exercise equipment, sports grounds, children's play areas, gazebos for relaxation and barbecues are quite a standard set offered by Turkish developers to residents.

To ensure security, round-the-clock video surveillance is installed on the territory of the residential complex, a fire alarm and an automatic fire extinguishing system. Ornamental shrubs and trees are planted around the house, beautiful flower beds are laid out.

Crossing the threshold of an apartment in a newly built Turkish new building, the owner finds himself in apartments that are already ready for living. The walls inside the room are plastered, leveled and painted in light pastel colors. The floor has laminate and ceramic tiles. Double glazing is installed in the window bays. Entrance and interior doors are also available. The apartments are partially furnished: in the kitchen area there is a modular set with a worktop, and in the bathrooms there is a cabinet with a sink, as well as a basic set of plumbing. All that remains for the new owner is to give individuality to their home through decorative elements.

By purchasing an apartment in the Mediterranean region, you get not only high-quality living space, but also incredible panoramas from the windows - to the azure sea and mountain slopes!