Buying a property is a rather troublesome business. And if you decide to buy an apartment in Turkey, you need to take into account that such operations are at high risk, since there are always plenty of unscrupulous intermediaries in this area. To feel calmer and more confident on this path, you should trust professionals who know the market situation. The success of your purchase will depend on the right real estate agency.

Experience shows that many people first try to figure out the housing issue on their own, but in the end they still turn to qualified specialists.


There are 3 good reasons for this:

Saving time

Features of the local real estate market and the legal framework in Turkey are very difficult topics. It will take a lot of time to figure them out on your own. Turning to a real estate agency, which often has not only sales agents on staff, but also translators with lawyers, the client can be sure of prompt and high-quality resolution of all issues related to buying a home in Turkey.

Saving money

Turkish real estate agencies often work closely with developers. Thanks to this partnership, real estate companies can offer their clients not only exclusive properties, but also special promotions and discounts.

In addition, employees of real estate agencies represent the interests of clients when buying apartments on the secondary market. So, during negotiations with the owner, the agent is more likely to bargain and reduce the cost of the object.

Full support of the transaction

Real estate agencies are not limited to finding apartments at the request of the client, they offer full transaction support, including legal support. Specialists help with the preparation of the necessary package of documents, check the history of the object, assist in resolving financial and migration issues for foreign clients.