Turkish city-within-a-city complexes include several residential blocks, which make it possible to provide housing for hundreds, if not thousands, of people. Projects of this type are often built on the outskirts of the city, as they require a large amount of land for construction. The apartments in them are more spacious, the layouts are agreed in advance. Buildings are designed according to special rules and benefit from non-standard architectural concepts. The number of storeys of each individual house may be different, but a single stylistic appearance for all high-rise buildings is preserved, which cardinally distinguishes them from the background of surrounding buildings outside the complex. In addition, on the territory there can be not only apartment blocks, but also cottages, and even separate villas, which have a similar idea in style.

The height of the first floors in high-rise buildings can reach three meters. They house garden duplexes on two levels, as well as shops, pharmacies, gyms, co-working spaces and other socially significant organizations. New generation houses offer an expanded range of planning solutions. There are both small 1+1 apartments and luxurious spacious penthouses on the upper floors. Large windows allow maximum use of natural light in the interior and allow residents to enjoy panoramic views of nature. There are balconies on each level of the building, while the upper floors have extensive terraces.

In the residential part there is a hall, a security post, a concierge room and a recreation area. Thus, everything you need for a comfortable life is right in the house, you don’t even need to leave the yard. The use of the latest construction technologies made it possible to create not only a unique appearance of the complex, but also to ensure their high reliability and durability.

Social infrastructure and landscaping

When developing a plan for a “city within a city” development project, developers pay special attention to the infrastructure, arrangement and beautification of the complex with branched walking routes along the walking alleys of a closed area. Particular attention is paid to active recreation areas.

The courtyards of the complex meet the interests of residents of different generations. Near each house there is a comfortable courtyard for kids with a safe surface and modern playgrounds. For adults, there are quiet recreation areas, walking paths, entertainment facilities and catering areas. For people who maintain an active lifestyle, open-air training complexes have been designed; basketball, football, volleyball courts; professional tennis courts. And for car owners and guests, there is a multi-level parking and guest parking with charging stations for electric vehicles.

Such residential areas live according to the rules of a closed club. Strangers cannot wander around the territory, unfamiliar cars do not drive around the streets. A high level of security is ensured by round-the-clock video surveillance around the perimeter of the complex and 24/7 security. Access to the territory of the residential complex is carried out through a single entrance group with a magnetic key.

Landscape design is an indispensable part of the improvement of large-scale residential projects. Landscaping throughout the large closed area is carried out in such a way as to harmoniously create a “multi-tiered” space near each house. Thanks to the large number of ornamental shrubs and trees in the landscaping, as well as well-designed facades of houses, the projects fit neatly into the existing urban environment.

The concept of a residential complex in Turkey provides for the development of such infrastructure facilities within the project:

Cafes and restaurants.

Grocery stores and supermarkets.

School and kindergartens.

Fitness rooms and sports grounds.

Health complexes and medical offices.

SPA zone, cosmetology center and beauty salon.

Stores of clothing, furniture, household goods.

Equipment maintenance and repair services.

And all this on the territory of one residential complex! Residents do not need to spend precious time on the road to drink aromatic coffee or buy food for preparing a family dinner. This not only creates comfortable conditions for residents and their families, but also provides new jobs and allows you to organize your professional activities close to home.