The rhythm of modern life in big cities dictates its own rules. People have become more demanding and not just square meters are important for them, but also comfort. Of course, the decision to buy overseas real estate is influenced by the cost and location of the object, but non-price advantages are decisive. And first of all, they include the concept of a residential complex, as well as services that can improve the quality and comfort of living.

The dull development is increasingly being replaced by new types of projects - residential complexes with the best concept of the "city within the city" project. What is the peculiarity of such residential complexes in Turkey - we propose to understand this article.

The house does not end at the threshold of the apartment. Today, developers do not limit their activities only to the construction of square meters, but also create a whole living environment for all residents. The Turkish construction sector is no exception. Increasingly, unique offers for the sale of apartments in multifunctional complexes of a new generation "city within a city" appear on the real estate market.

What kind of complexes is this?

The concept of the "City within a City" project is a modern method of organizing urban housing, in which one or more residential buildings are built within the city, united by a common infrastructure, forming a so-called independent town.

The development concept of the project involves the arrangement of a closed area with intimate cozy courtyards and the provision of the safest space for residential areas and the comfort of all its residents.

As part of the residential complex, an autonomous infrastructure and a recreational environment for a comfortable life are being created. In such complexes, there is a competent zoning of territories with residential, office and commercial real estate to accommodate social facilities. That is, you can live in a high-rise building, work in an office next door, relax in a mini-park or in leisure facilities on the territory of one complex.

Residential complexes "city within a city" in Turkey are characterized by the following features:

carefully thought-out design of buildings in one architectural style;

the use of the highest quality building materials for exterior and interior decoration;

comfortable layout of apartments, which reflects the lifestyle and interests of each family;

own boiler room for heating and other life support systems, often independent of city services;

in the closed territory of the complex operates its own security service with round-the-clock video surveillance;

within walking distance there are all important infrastructure facilities: educational and medical institutions, hypermarkets, shopping and entertainment centers, cinemas, bank branches, pharmacies, restaurants, post office;

well thought out recreational areas, children's playgrounds and sports areas;

all sections of the houses are located so that the windows offer panoramic views of the picturesque landscaped park, mountain slopes or the sea area.

Another important point is that there is one management company, which is responsible for everything that happens on the territory of the closed complex. This company is a must. In addition to ensuring the comfort of residents, its employees are responsible for cleaning the territory of the residential complex and the functioning of the entire infrastructure.