A very important parameter for people who buy property in Turkey is the infrastructure of the complex. When purchasing their own housing in the resort regions, most buyers want to enjoy all the benefits of high-quality and high-grade rest without leaving the territory of their residential complex. Outdoor and indoor pools, saunas and hamams, massage rooms and SPA zones - all this is available in almost every modern apartment building.

Often, in ordinary houses where the local population lives, the residents themselves are engaged in management. To do this, at the general meeting, an HOA (partnership of homeowners) or Management is created. The manager is appointed by one of the most active residents.

A small complex can be serviced by one kapidzhi (concierge). He lives in one of the apartments on the territory of the residential complex, and also monitors the order and cleanliness of the complex. His responsibilities include carrying out minor repairs in common areas, monitoring the health of the pool, landscaping and landscape design, as well as a number of other tasks. The tenants themselves, in case of any problems at home, can always contact him and ask for help.

In new complexes, in the first two years after the commissioning of a residential project, a construction company monitors the order and its maintenance. After this period, all worries are shifted to the shoulders of the owners. They can choose a chairman who will carry out all the duties assigned to him to manage the complex.

A management company (MC) is a commercial organization (legal entity) that provides comprehensive services for real estate in Turkey, in particular: management, sanitary and technical maintenance of multi-apartment residential complexes.

In other words, the management company will deal with all issues related to the proper maintenance of the complex and the local area.

Responsibilities of a property manager in Turkey:

Monitoring the state of the complex and the functioning of all the amenities of the infrastructure.

Repair of water supply, heating, gas supply systems in case of accidents.

Employment of personnel who will be engaged in the maintenance of the complex.

Collecting funds and paying bills for the maintenance of the house.

When calculating the cost of purchasing real estate, people often forget that there are still costs for maintaining residential complexes in Turkey. In the republic, in addition to the utility payments for water and electricity that are usual for our fellow citizens, there is also an unusual contribution for us called Aydat. It is this payment that covers the costs of managing the residential complex.

The maintenance of the residential complex is understood as maintaining the cleanliness, order and functioning of all additional services on the territory of an apartment building. This includes:

pool cleaning,

work of SPA-salons,

elevator service,

improvement of children's playgrounds,

caring for plants near the local area,

payment for lighting in common areas,

wages of service personnel: cleaner, security guard, concierge.

And the more additional services are included in the internal infrastructure of the residential complex, the higher the cost of aidat will be.

To determine the amount of monthly payments, the total cost for the provided utility services is divided by the number of apartments in the complex. Accordingly, the more apartments - the lower the contribution.

For homeowners who rarely visit Turkey, it is important to understand that they are required to pay aydat, even if they do not live in their apartments. If the apartment is rented out, this fee is paid by the tenant.

Before buying an apartment for moving or investing in real estate for the purpose of further earnings, it is better to immediately calculate all the costs and monthly expenses for maintaining apartments in the selected residential complex. Specialists of the TRUST UNITED real estate agency, when choosing an object for their clients, always take into account all their wishes and tell in detail about how the complex is managed and what costs they expect in each of the proposed options.