Dreams of financial independence are present in each of us. And this is a completely understandable desire. Stocks, cryptocurrencies, deposits - all this, of course, can bring profit, but given the situation in the world, these are rather unstable areas. Whether business - investments into the real estate of Turkey. With a competent approach and the right choice of an object, this type of investment can be an excellent tool not only to save your savings, but also to increase them.

Rule number 1. Choosing a clear investment strategy

Any experienced investor will tell you that investing in real estate should begin with a definition of the purpose of the investment. Money does not like chaos, they need to be properly disposed of, and only under this condition will they work for you.

When buying Turkish real estate, there are two options for making a profit: passive income from renting out property or speculative income from reselling property.

Rule number 2. Correct selection of investment-attractive real estate in Turkey

Regardless of the choice of investment strategy, it is important to take into account the characteristics of the asset - the apartment itself and the residential complex. It is on them that the liquidity and profitability of the object depends.

When choosing an apartment in Turkey, you should pay attention to the following parameters:


LCD infrastructure,

repair quality,

layout and footage of the apartment;

the proximity of the sea;

view from the windows.

The first thing to pay attention to is the location. First, the investor needs to decide on the region and city. The most successful in terms of investment attractiveness in Turkey are megacities - Istanbul and Ankara, as well as settlements in resort areas - on the coast of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas.

Further, the infrastructure of the city itself and even the district is taken into account. When choosing apartments for renting for a long time, it is worth considering the development of social infrastructure, proximity to educational institutions, banking institutions, clinics and pharmacies. The proximity of the main transport arteries and public transport stops is also important. Such housing is usually rented by local residents and students.

But short-term rentals are popular among tourists. Relying on tourist regions, priority should be given to apartments on the first and second lines from the sea, as well as close to cultural and historical attractions.

When buying apartments in a new area, study the infrastructure development prospects, since even the most comfortable housing can depreciate if there is a noisy highway nearby, or an industrial plant is planned to be built in the future.

Let's move on to housing planning. When buying an apartment for investment, experts advise opting for small apartments. The most successful option are objects with layouts 1 + 1 and 2 + 1.

In order to earn as much as possible or increase the capitalization of your investment, you need to invest in complexes with a developed internal infrastructure. Pay attention to the presence of a garden in the courtyard, children's and sports grounds, swimming pools and SPA zones.

By following these recommendations when choosing an object, it will be easier for you to find tenants, and, if necessary, quickly sell the property.

Rule number 3. Cooperation with a real estate agency

For competent investment in Turkish real estate, it is important to know the opinion of experts regarding the current situation on the market. A qualified realtor will tell you the real indicators of current demand, the features of the object and the area where it is located. And this is very important, because you will agree that it is quite difficult to independently conduct analytics while in another country. In addition, without knowledge of the Turkish language, all the nuances of legislation and migration law, the risks of getting into an unpleasant situation only increase. Therefore, it is extremely important to establish cooperation with specialists from a local real estate agency.

Trust United real estate agents will help you accurately calculate your return on investment and select a property with the highest possible return on investment. However, the cooperation with our agency does not end there! We will take over all the responsibilities for managing your property, organize the search and verification of potential tenants, and also ensure the control of rental payments.