In the middle of the last century, houses appeared in which control was carried out using automated systems, but due to the high cost of implementation, such projects were not widespread at that time. Over time, with the development of electronics, the situation has changed radically.

Today, the Smart Home system is no longer perceived as a curiosity. And this trend is observed throughout the world, including in Turkey. Today, the introduction of various innovative technological solutions that coordinate the operation of various devices in an automated mode can increasingly be found in modern Turkish apartments.

Let's first define what is included in the concept of "smart home"?

The Smart Home intelligent system (from English Smart Home) is a set of home automation systems and devices integrated into a common control network in order to control engineering systems and home equipment to ensure a high level of security and comfort.

Simply put, this is a well-functioning system that allows you to perform part of the routine work around the house using a tablet or smartphone. It allows not only pressing a few buttons to control all the processes of the property at a distance, but also completely entrust the management of the house to the system.

The intelligent system "smart home" often includes the management of such systems:

lighting and power supply,

water supply and heating,

air conditioning and ventilation,

video surveillance, security and fire alarms,

audio and video equipment (multi-room),

lawn irrigation automation

control of emergencies due to water leakage and accidents in the power grid,

automation of garage doors, roller shutters and blinds.

This is not a complete functional set, it can be expanded depending on the wishes and financial capabilities of the homeowner.

This digitalization technology can be implemented from scratch along with the construction of the facility or retrofitted in an already finished apartment. The interest of leading developers in Smart Home technology in Turkey has only increased over the years. In the luxury real estate market, you can increasingly find offers for the sale of apartments, which are managed by built-in "intelligence". The "smart apartments" from Turkish developers mainly offer a set of integrated intelligent systems for IP intercom, IP video surveillance and access control, leakage protection, intelligent lighting control in common areas and parking lots. It is quite logical that the cost of such housing is somewhat higher, but this overpayment is fully justified.

We offer to understand why intelligent housing management systems are becoming so popular. What are the advantages of the Smart Home system:

Multifunctional system "Smart Home" - first of all it is comfort. Thanks to home automation, households do not need to spend a lot of time and effort on routine household activities. The system will independently turn on the lighting, adjust the climate control in the winter and summer seasons.

Convenience is just one branch of the smart home concept. Another, no less important point is safety and complete control both from the outside world and from domestic “catastrophes” on a domestic scale. "Smart Home" will minimize possible damage from flooding, gas leakage, fire, illegal actions of thieves and hooligans. Moreover, you can program the smart system for the protective function “effect of the presence of the owners”, when, during your long absence in the sunny republic, the illusion of the presence of people inside the premises will be created by turning on the light in the evening, moving the curtains, etc.

The smart system can be programmed to minimize energy consumption and optimize their use. This will save from 30 to 40% when paying for utilities, which in the future will pay off the investment in the automation of your own home.