Another country, another culture, other customs... There are many myths about Turkey, many of which relate to the housing market. And today we want to debunk some of them so that all fears and fears about whether to buy property in Turkey are in the past.

Myth 1. Real estate in Turkey is the lot of wealthy people

Real estate always costs a lot of money, but if you take into account the theory of relativity, then apartments in Turkey are quite affordable for ordinary people. When analyzing prices on the market, one should not only count the number of zeros on the price tag, but compare them with prices in resort countries of similar importance: Spain, Italy, Greece.

When compared with the cost of housing in these states, Turkey is a much more attractive place. For example, you can buy an apartment with one bedroom and a living room in Turkish Alanya for only 80,000 euros; in the European resort market, similar housing will cost at least 120,000 euros.

Myth 2. Apartments from a developer in Turkey are sold in rough finish

Another myth that we are pleased to debunk. Bare concrete or brick walls and screed on the floor - this picture opens up before the buyer of primary real estate in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, but not in Turkey.

By receiving the keys to an apartment in a Turkish new building, you become the owner of a finished home with a quality renovation. Developers fully undertake the turnkey arrangement of apartments: they paint the walls in pleasant pastel colors, install double-glazed windows and interior doors, install modular cabinets in the kitchen area, and shower cabins and sinks in the bathroom.

New owners can only buy the necessary furniture and household appliances, hang curtains and arrange decorative elements.

Myth 3. Investing in Turkish real estate is unprofitable

The real estate market in Turkey is growing, and with it the prices and profits of investors in foreign currency.

But it is important to choose the right apartment!

It is important to look at the location: if the apartment is within walking distance from the sea, it will always bring income to the owner. And it doesn't matter if you plan to resell the property at a higher price or if you intend to receive dividends from renting out your property.

When buying an object for further resale, we recommend that you turn your attention to residential complexes from developers. Moreover, buying property in Turkey in 2022 at an early stage of construction is the most profitable option.

Why? The math here is simple.

When a developer announces the start of sales and starts digging a foundation pit, he tries to attract the attention of buyers with low prices. At this time, apartments are often sold at 30% cheaper than market prices. When the walls are already built in the residential complex, there is a roof and piers, developers begin to raise prices by 10-15%. But when the complex is put into operation, the cost per square meter is equal to the average market.

Considering that apartment buildings in Turkey are built in only 1-2 years, a third of the cost of housing in such a short period of time is an excellent earning prospect.

But investors can count not only on resale.

Do not forget that Turkey is a resort country. Only, Alanya annually receives millions of tourists, and during the holiday season it is very profitable to rent out your home to vacationers.

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