Turkey is considered one of the best places to live in the modern world. It’s famous for its mild climate, incredible cultural heritage and hospitality. It’s a perfect combination of the ancient and modern western world with Eastern twist. The growing economy also played its part: today Turkey offers lots of investment opportunities, modern infrastructure, as well as opportunities in terms of a professional career and potential retirement.

The country is also a center of when it comes to investment in metropolitan areas and tourism and is well connected globally.

Here are other benefits of having a Turkish passport:

  • High quality of life at a relatively low cost

Turkey is the connection point between Europe and Asia. However, Turkey is much cheaper than most of the EU countries. Prices for rent, great Mediterranean or Middle Eastern food, utilities, transport, etc. are much lower than in other parts of Europe.

  • Opportunity to travel all over the world

Turkish citizens enjoy either visa-free regime or visa upon arrival or just electronic authorization with 110 countries.

  • Great healthcare

Access to Turkish healthcare is widely recognized as one of the greatest advantages of having Turkish passport. Medical system in this country is a combination of modern cut-edge private and public health services. Getting a Turkish passport, you and your family can enjoy this medical care. Another great advantage is that emergency care is available for free for Turkish residents, even for those who have no state health insurance.

  • Education

There are free education and university reimbursement plans for students. If you’re a student or have children of this age, this also might be a great benefit for you.

  • Retirement

You can benefit from pension programs as a Turkish citizen.

  • US E-2 Visa

Turkey has a treaty with the USA under which Turkish citizens can apply for E-2 investor visa in return for an investment of $100,000 to $200,000. Although the visa is not a Green card, it can be renewed indefinitely.

  • Business opportunities in European Economic Community countries. Under Ankara Agreement, Turkish passports holders can work, found companies, and permanently move to an EEC country. Although a visa is required, obtaining it is not nearly as difficult a process as for other nationalities.

  • Facilitated way to British residence. Being Turkish, you can apply for Turkish Businessperson visa and set up a business in UK.