Gentle rays of the sun, warm waves of the azure sea, golden sand, fresh breeze and clean air - a unique healing cocktail that is part of the life of all residents of seaside cities. So, buying an apartment on the Mediterranean coast in Turkey, you can become part of that healing atmosphere that positively affects not only the improvement of the psycho-emotional state, but also the strengthening of the physical indicators of the body as a whole. We offer to consider all the positive aspects of the impact of the unique maritime climate on the human body, as well as why you should think about buying an apartment by the sea in Turkey.

The proper functioning of the immune system is one of the main conditions for our health. Both sea water and air have a great effect on well-being and the prevention of many diseases for both babies and the elderly. The climate of the Mediterranean Sea has a stimulating effect on the immune system, because pressure fluctuations, contact with a new biological environment and the alternation of heat and cold harden the body.

Sea salt, in addition to chlorine and sodium, contains 80 other valuable elements, in particular - magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc, iron, silicon, phosphorus, which are vital for the human body.

We must not forget about the benefits of iodine in the marine climate. Not everyone knows, but most residents of the northern hemisphere, especially from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, experience a significant deficiency of it. As a result, the thyroid gland suffers, which is responsible for the functioning of the entire body, including the nervous, endocrine, circulatory and digestive systems. The maritime climate normalizes their work, regulates blood pressure, metabolism and hormonal levels, and also has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the heart.

Staying at sea has a beneficial effect not only on our physical health, but also has a positive effect on our psyche, acting as a real psychotherapy. The beautiful calm sea, the sound of the waves and the endless sandy beach evoke peace and harmony. After a few minutes of such relaxation, muscle tension decreases, breathing slows down and deepens.

American researchers have proven that people living close to the sea have a lower level of anxiety. They don't have as many mood swings as people who live in bustling cities and are stressed on a daily basis. This proves that the sea really has a beneficial effect on our psyche.

Air charged with negative ions promotes better oxygen absorption, which leads to a stabilization of serotonin levels, reducing stress and improving mood. On the sea it is easier to breathe, sleep better, and there is more positive energy. And what can we say about the opportunity to go out onto the balcony of your own apartment and, enjoying your morning coffee, inhale the fresh air? This is the paradise everyone dreams of!

Turkish real estate by the sea not only has all of the above health benefits, but also provides investors with a good return on investment.

Apartments within walking distance from the beach - a great opportunity to rent them out. It is especially profitable to rent out housing during the holiday season, which lasts in Turkey from May to October. So, you can come to your own home several times a year to breathe in the fresh sea air and get the necessary dose of vitamin D, and when you leave home, rent out apartments to tenants. Such passive income can bring from 8 to 10% per annum of the cost of housing.

It is also important to note that real estate in Turkey on the first and second coastline from the beach does not fall in price, but only increases. For example, in the resort of Alanya, the growth in prices per square meter is steadily increasing within 10-15%, which promises the owner of the property the possibility of a profitable resale of housing in the future.

Permanent residence near the sea will allow you to appreciate the benefits of the healing sea air, feeling it for yourself. Specialists of the Trust United real estate agency are ready to select apartments for you on the Mediterranean coast in Turkey, so that you can enjoy not only the beauties of the coast, but also restore your health every day. In addition, the company is ready to take care of all the maintenance and management of real estate during your absence in Turkey.