Move to live in your own house? Benefits and disadvantages

Move to live in your own house? Benefits and disadvantages

Move to live in your own house? Benefits and disadvantages

In order to objectively evaluate all the pros and cons, you need to study in more detail all the information about the features of the purchase and further operation of a particular housing. In this article, we have tried to sort out all the pros and cons of private houses in Turkey so that you can make the right choice.

Advantages of a private house

Big square.

In your house, you are not limited by the size of housing, you can equip rooms for each family member, allocate space for a dining room, home theater, billiard room.

It is possible to expand the living space.

If you live in a house, there is always the opportunity to expand your living space - for example, make a basement or an additional floor, an attic, or just an extension next to the house.

Better level of privacy.

In a private house, there is much more freedom and neighborhood with other people will be less noticeable. From prying eyes, you can isolate yourself with a fence.

Unlimited freedom of action.

In your own home, you can listen to music loudly, play musical instruments, sing karaoke, or even tap dance. The sounds coming from your house will not disturb the neighbors.

In addition, you can carry out repairs at any time convenient for you, without worrying that noise or knocks will interfere with your neighbors.

Availability of land.

Own piece of land near the house will allow you to grow greens, vegetables and fruits, while you can be absolutely sure of their quality and naturalness. It is also possible to arrange a beautiful flower garden or recreate the original landscape design, dig a pool, put a gazebo with a barbecue, where you and your family and friends can have fun barbecue.

Clean air and minimum noise.

Private houses in most cases are located on the outskirts, and not in the stone jungle. Your child will be able to spend time outdoors without inhaling exhaust fumes. And if you have taken care of creating flower beds, you will be able to inhale incredible aromas during the flowering of plants.

Personal garage.

In the courtyard of a private house there is plenty of space to build a garage for one or two cars.

You can have animals.

Some people dream of a big dog, but only a few decide to keep it in an apartment. In your own home, you can have any pet, and it can be not only a dog, but also ten cats. There is enough space for everyone in the house and on the plot.

It is difficult to argue with such arguments. But of course, there can be no advantages without disadvantages. A private house also has them.

Disadvantages of a private house

Higher cost and maintenance costs.

A person with an above-average income level can buy a house in Turkey. Naturally, the price will depend on the condition of the house and its location, but if you want to live in comfort, you will have to pay a tidy sum.

Utility bills and overall costs for maintaining a house are also higher than for an apartment.

Waste of time and money.

The owner of a private house must independently maintain order not only in the interior of the housing, but also in the facade, as well as the adjacent territory. In the summer it will be necessary to water the garden and mow the lawns, in the autumn - to remove the fallen leaves, in the spring - to put the street furniture in order.

In addition, much more money and time will have to be spent on cleaning inside the house, especially if it has several floors. The main costs are expressed primarily not in money, but in personal time.

More repair costs.

Repair in a private house will cost a pretty penny, since it is necessary to give a new look not only inside the premises, but also on the facade. You also need to consider how long the repair will take. In the home, this can last from a few months to several years.

We add another important point to the list of difficulties - it is difficult to find a good team of painters and repairmen. It's one thing to paint the walls in an apartment, you can handle it, but you need to look for responsible and experienced specialists for water for the house.

Problems with transport accessibility.

The private sector is the lot of the outskirts or suburban areas. Public transport stops are not always within walking distance, sometimes they may not be at all. And if you do not have a car and the house is 10 km from the city, this can cause you great inconvenience.

Underdeveloped infrastructure.

As mentioned earlier, houses are built, as a rule, in the suburbs or in residential areas, where the nearest shops, hospitals, schools and kindergartens are not always accessible on foot. And if they are, then the choice is small.

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