Several locations in Istanbul are ideal for all types of people, such as lovers of nightlife, shopping, or family neighborhoods. Let’s take a look at Istanbul’s most popular neighborhoods.


If you’re a lover of nightlife and shopping, Etiler is the ideal place to invest. It houses several luxurious houses and apartments along with gyms and restaurants. In Etiler, you can find nice houses with Bosphorus views. It’s a high-end neighborhood.


Just like Etiler, Bebek is also an affluent neighborhood located on the European shores of Istanbul’s Bosphorus Strait. Its location has made it a hotspot for tourists and locals alike looking to enjoy views while spending time in nice cafes and restaurants.


This is a neighborhood in the Beyoğlu district of Istanbul, which is famous for its narrow streets, cafes, mind-blowing architecture, and atmosphere. So, if you love art, buying a house here will be ideal for you.


Nisantasi is one of the most famous districts in Istanbul, thanks to its architecture, luxury shopping options, and ideal location. However, note that Nisantasi housing options are a bit expensive due to its popularity as a high-end neighborhood.


Sariyer is a bustling district situated at the end of Europe’s beautiful Bosphorus shores. The city life here never ceases with dinner spots on every corner and natural beauties for miles beyond measure. Famous historic sites like Emirgan Grove, Sadberk Hanim Museum, and Rumeli Fortress are also found in this area.