Despite the six-figure prices, Turkish luxury real estate is in great demand, attracting people with high incomes and allowing them to secure their own high status in society.

The premium housing sector in Turkey includes:

apartments in luxury complexes,

VIP penthouses with outdoor terraces,

villas and mansions by the sea,

luxury cottages.

If you characterize such options using only one-syllable words, then most likely the most appropriate terms would be such definitions as "prestige", "luxury" and "comfort". Such housing has great advantages over conventional apartments or houses.

Regardless of the type of object, it is built using the latest technologies and materials, including a full range of modern engineering systems, taking into account the geological conditions of the location.

Expensive materials are used in the interior decoration: natural stone, marble, granite, Venetian plaster, glass, exotic wood; windows and openings - aluminum profile with an exclusive coating, solar control glazing, along the perimeter of balconies and terraces - frameless panoramic glazing, decorative lighting. Exclusive furniture and sanitary ware are mainly produced by foreign companies. All this once again emphasizes that the object belongs to the elite segment of housing.

The cost of luxury apartments in Turkey depends on a number of nuances, from the type of building to its individual characteristics. Let's take a closer look at what determines the high cost and status of premium Turkish real estate.

The prestige of the area and its features, the level of development of social infrastructure, the presence of nearby parks, government and entertainment institutions is one of the main factors that determines the pricing and degree of elite of the area.

As in any country, the Republic of Turkey has its own areas in which real estate is quoted an order of magnitude higher. Traditionally, the list of the most popular and prestigious areas includes the capital, business administrative cities and popular tourist resorts. When it comes to coastal areas, Turkey has plenty to choose from, as this sunny country is surrounded by four seas. The most popular among citizens from the CIS is the Mediterranean region, in particular cities such as Alanya and Antalya. They attract foreign citizens with their unsurpassed nature, proximity to the beach, high level of development and a large assortment of VIP-class housing.

An important role is also played by the presence of a developed social infrastructure. Good location of all major shops, supermarkets and shopping and entertainment centers, schools and kindergartens, restaurants and cafes, banks, fitness centers - all this should be within walking distance.

The area also plays a big role, because when buying expensive housing, the owner first of all wants to feel the freedom of space.

The footage in VIP apartments starts from 100 m2, while they have several rooms, and sometimes floors - multi-tiered penthouses with a footage of 250 m2, as a rule, occupy the upper floors. If this is a residence on its own plot, the number of acres and the presence of their own garden are taken into account. The larger the area, the higher the cost of purchasing apartments.

The variety of layouts and the abundance of space allows everyone to choose the ideal option for an elite home in Turkey, taking into account their needs and financial capabilities.

In elite residential complexes, everything is thought out to the smallest detail for first-class comfort of the owner with service at the level of a five-star hotel. The adjoining territory is distinguished, first of all, by luxurious landscape design with beautiful exotic shrubs and flowers. Equipped walking paths and mini-squares with benches and charming gazebos will not leave anyone indifferent, and a modern playground will allow young families not to worry about their children, doing their own business at home! The complex usually has its own recreation area with sun loungers and a swimming pool, as well as a fitness center, SPA-salon, restaurants, underground multi-level parking and much more.

Plots of cottages and villas are fenced or located in a cottage village, which also provides the maximum level of security for a quiet and comfortable stay.

Another important feature of luxury real estate in Turkey for objects in seaside resort areas is the distance from the coast. The closer the house is located to the sea, the higher its value will be. Accordingly, apartments on the first coastline can be attributed to the premium segment.

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