Life in Alanya. What are the advantages?

Life in Alanya. What are the advantages?

Life in Alanya. What are the advantages?

The Turkish Riviera is a favorite place among foreigners who visit Turkey. This is a coastal strip several hundred kilometers long, which stretches along the southwestern part of Turkey on the Mediterranean coast and pleases with an abundance of various resort towns. One of the most popular is unsurpassed Alanya.

But why does it attract citizens from other countries to live in Alanya so much? Let's try to understand this post.

Alanya is a 200-year-old resort surrounded on one side by the Taurus Mountains and on the other by the Mediterranean Sea. According to the assumptions of archaeologists, the territory on which Alanya is located today was already inhabited during the time of the Hittites (2 thousand BC). The first traces of architecture date back to the Hellenistic period, when Alexander the Great conquered the territory of modern Alanya. Here, in turn, Roman and then Byzantine civilizations developed.

This city is very popular due to the developed tourist base and good infrastructure. The numbers are proof of this. Alanya is a city with a population of about 300,000 people. In the summer season, when tourists visit this resort, the number of residents can even increase to a million.

The comfortable Mediterranean climate on the coast, combining the freshness of the sea breeze and the aroma of pine trees, is facilitated by numerous mountain ranges in the northern part of the Taurus Mountains and the warm Mediterranean Sea from the south. On all sides, Alanya is surrounded by coniferous forests, citrus groves and banana plantations.

It is these conditions that create a favorable Alanya climate. The temperature of the water in the sea depends on the season. The highest recorded temperatures in the Mediterranean are between 23 and 30 degrees Celsius during the summer season (June, July, August, September). This is the hottest period in this part of Turkey, when not only the sun is scorching, but also the humidity is felt. In Alanya, as befits the Mediterranean climate in this area, summers are warm and dry, and winters are moderate (average annual air temperature is 17 degrees Celsius). Life in Turkey in Alanya will be very useful for the elderly, and for those who have diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

Many beaches in Alanya are decorated with the main award - the European Blue Flag for the crystal clear coastal waters and quality amenities.

Wide, sandy and sunny - this is Cleopatra Beach in Alanya, where thousands of tourists from all over the world have a rest every year! It is located near the city center and extends for 2 kilometers. Equipped with everything necessary for the convenience of vacationers - sun loungers, umbrellas, food outlets and showers.

Today, this resort bears little resemblance to ancient Turkey. In the last ten years alone, excellent roads have been made here, embankments have been put in order, beaches have been ennobled, which now can rightfully compete with the best beaches in Europe. Nearby there is all the necessary infrastructure for life and recreation. Many restaurants for every taste, wonderful natural bays and beaches, shops, as well as schools and sports centers.

The main attraction of Alanya is undoubtedly the fortress on the very top of the Kale hill, which is an example of the defensive fortifications of the city. The castle complex consists of Kizikule Castle - a red octagonal tower located on the shore, a chapel, a shipyard building, the Suleiman Mosque and an ammunition depot. The 14th century Seljuk castle is located on top of a 250-meter cape penetrating the Mediterranean Sea, and it is protected by a defensive wall 6.5 km long.

In the western part of Alanya, at the foot of the Kale Castle, there is the Damlatash Cave. It was discovered by accident during the construction of the port in 1948. The temperature in it is constant all year round, it is 22 degrees.

The most important entertainment, especially for children, is visiting the water park. It is located near the center of Alanya. On its territory there are 8 slides for children and 16 for adults, in addition there is a river with artificial waves, a disco, bars and restaurants, as well as animations for children. Those who crave thrills have the opportunity to bungee jump.

There is also a dolphinarium called Sealanya. Here you can see marine mammals such as dolphins and seals, which are trained by instructors to perform various tricks.

Alania is very often chosen by citizens from the post-Soviet space. It's not just about the hospitality of the local population, which is always smiling and ready to help foreigners. Alanya for life in recent years have chosen thousands of people from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus.

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