Real estate prices in Turkey are breaking records. Many experts say that real estate in Turkey is the most promising market in the world. Due to the hype, there are now more buyers than objects. Many people perceived Turkey only as a country of hotels and all inclusive, but having arrived here for life, they discovered it from the other side.

Let us tell you what our clients say first of all.

- The quality of housing and infrastructure. In post-Soviet countries, it is not customary for residential complexes to have gyms, swimming pools (outdoor, indoor, heated), hamams, saunas, barbecue areas, and even cinemas. Our complexes have it all, and it's all free for residents. The apartments are rented out with repairs and partially with appliances - call in and live.

- The cost of food and services in Turkey is low.

- Here the weather is sunny, the temperature is above zero all year round. For example, in Alanya in January + 8 ... 10 degrees, there is little rainfall.

- Most Turks understand English well.

- Convenient conditions for doing business.

- Turkey is a safe country/

- We have the most beautiful landscapes: sea, mountains, forests, climate. You can travel around Turkey for a whole year and find new places and new experiences. And if you decide to fly somewhere to another country, you can buy tickets at low prices.

Therefore, the excitement is growing not only on the wave of demand from visitors, but also due to the fact that people appreciate Turkey and understand that it is very comfortable to live here. You have no idea how many foreigners now want to get Turkish citizenship.

And they all tell their friends and acquaintances how good it is with us. This causes an avalanche of interest: people come to live with us.

We are sure that in the next couple of years the cost per square meter in Turkey will surpass the price in the United Arab Emirates. And this is not only our opinion - this is the opinion of the majority of foreign experts. Of course, the Emirates are amazingly good, but there you will not find such a variety of nature, and the climate in Turkey is more comfortable for life.