Each homeowner has their own sense of style and individual views on the design of the living space. And even despite the fact that apartments in Turkey are being sold renovated, many people want to realize their own ideas in the interior in accordance with modern global design trends. And today we will tell you about the latest interior fashion trends that are gaining popularity in Turkey.

Current design trends in Turkey

The main interior accents of Turkish apartments are simplicity, comfort, ergonomics and environmental friendliness. And this applies to everything: decoration, decor and furniture. In order to get a cozy, harmonious and attractive interior as a result, a serious approach to the development of the design concept as a whole is required.

Natural materials in design

When decorating apartments, designers advise minimizing the use of artificial synthetic materials. The most popular textures today are stone, wood, metal, glass, etc.

Turks have a special love for marble and granite. These stones are used in the design of kitchen worktops, fireplaces, window sills, and also laid as a floor covering.

Modern finish

Finishing materials with a voluminous texture are in trend. Relief finishing is able to create dynamics in space, which makes the interior come to life. It can be wood-like or brick-like ceramic tiles, textured 3D panels, natural rough surfaces. Panels with an ornament in the form of a sea wave will look especially impressive, which will be a harmonious addition to the natural landscapes of the Mediterranean.

Current color trends

A thoughtful combination of colors in the interior of the apartment is the most important thing! Every detail should harmoniously fit into the overall unified style, giving the space a touch of logical completeness.

The traditional color scheme in Turkish apartments is most often pastel: gray-blue, beige-yellow, beige-brown. It is not uncommon to see an abundance of white decor, and sometimes completely white walls. This design is ideal for families with small children, as well as for the elderly.

Take risks, play with color!

We recommend trying shades of blue with the addition of a red-lilac undertone, soft gray-green, warm beige and brown undertones. These colors create an atmosphere of peace, bringing a special elegance to your apartment.

Noble grays and complex nude shades look very good. Particularly relevant this and next year is a rich truffle tone in dark and light versions.

Non-standard color combinations with smooth transitions of shades using the ombre or gradient technique are very popular.