The implementation of a city within a city project is a long-term project that may take several years to complete. And if in the case of the construction of one high-rise residential building, it takes an average of 18 months, then for the construction of several multi-apartment sections, it can take up to 5 years.

But you should not despair! The commissioning of each residential block takes place in stages. It often happens that the first stage has already been built, put into operation and fully occupied; the second one has been built and is awaiting commissioning, and the investor receives the keys to the apartments and draws up a TAPU; in the third section, work is already underway on the 4th floor; and in the fourth - the foundation is already ready.

The start of the sale of apartments begins immediately after digging the foundation pit of the first section. And interestingly, buying square meters in the early stages, you can save a lot. The sale of housing in the zero cycle is often 30% cheaper than after the building is put into operation. For the entire period of construction, Turkish developers offer favorable conditions for interest-free installments. The price category of finished houses depends on the finishing materials, the final layout, the degree of infrastructure development.

Modern residential complexes and a new level of organization of living space in a closed area have the following advantages:

Comfort and convenience. Apartments in the residential complex, built on the principle of "city within a city", are distinguished by a high level of comfort. This is ensured by the close location of all vital structures - on the territory of the complex you can take a walk, have lunch, and visit a beauty salon.

Security and tranquility. In these complexes, the level of security is higher compared to classic LCDs. This is facilitated by security measures in the form of a general round-the-clock video surveillance, day and night security, a pass system for entering and entering the territory.

Strengthening public relations. In residential complexes of this type, residents communicate more often, since they have most of the places they visit in common: children go to school or kindergarten together, adults go to the gym, to the same beauty salons or restaurants. This gives a sense of community and ensures good neighborly relations.

Saving time and money. The organization of living space within the "city within the city" complexes helps to save time and money for residents. Residents do not need to spend money on gasoline, taxis or public transport to take their child to kindergarten or school.

High liquidity. An apartment in a residential complex of this kind is highly liquid real estate. Apartments in gated multi-project complexes are one of the best options for resale and generating passive rental income.

The specialists of our TRUST UNITED real estate agency are ready to select apartments for you in new generation projects from leading Turkish developers. Agents will take into account all your wishes for the selection of housing, agree on an acceptable financial framework, guide you in the process of re-registration of real estate in your name, and also organize a viewing trip.