Dear Trust United Family Member.

I would like to briefly tell you about our family's name, Trust United.
Trust United;
I, Durmuş Özgen, the General Manager of the company, has founded my Accounting and Financial Consulting company in 1994.
Our Insurance and Residence Office were established in 2000.
Trust United Real Estate Company was established in 2004.
Ulaş Özgen Law office was founded in 2005.
As well we have the Leman Kultur Restaurant that was opened in 2016.

With more than 18 years of experience and our expert team, we are doing our best in finding the best variants of real estate in Alanya, Antalya, Istanbul and Northern Cyprus for our customers and organize their comfortable living in our country.
Besides the work with the customers from all over the world, we make intensive advertisment on Google and Social media and participate in fairs in Sweden, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Balkan countries, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iran.
Our work is based on a family mentality rather than strict company rules. That's why we welcome every our new customer as 'Welcome to our Trust United family'.
You can address to Trust United Team, not only to buy Real Estate in Turkey, but also for all your assistance needs. We will wait for you with our hot coffee and smiling face.
Durmus Ozgen
General Manager 😊