Foreigners buy housing abroad for different purposes: someone wants to have their own house near the warm sea, someone wants to buy square meters in a country with a stable economic situation, and someone expects to save their money and earn extra money on property. Whatever the goal, the first thing that worries the buyer is the right choice of place, or rather the state.

The popularity of Turkey as a resort power is growing more and more every year. This is not surprising, because this is an economically developed country with a wonderful climate, a decent level of medical care and great prospects for doing business. In addition, the government is trying to attract foreign investment, which in turn affects the implementation of loyal programs for the legalization of residence in the country, in particular for the purchase of housing.

A little about where many citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other Slavic countries decide to buy an apartment in Turkey.

Among foreigners, cities and towns located along the Mediterranean Sea are very popular. Both Alanya and Antalya are great for investing in real estate. These resorts with a superbly developed tourist infrastructure are famous for a large number of shopping centers and boutiques, tourist shops and souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes. In addition, the sector of modern housing is also impressive, which is distinguished by high quality construction and hotel-type service.

An ordinary person can afford to buy an apartment in Turkey, and all because of the pleasant price tag for the property. The average cost of 1 sq.m. in the republic is from 500 € to 2,000 €. The most expensive in the multimillion-dollar metropolis - Istanbul. The price of an apartment of 50 m2 can reach 120,000 €. Not far from this indicator is the capital of the republic - Ankara.

Investors from abroad are most attracted to the residential sector of resort regions. And if the coast of the Aegean Sea is more often chosen by Europeans - the British, Germans, French and Belgians, then the Mediterranean coast was chosen by Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians and Kazakhstanis.

As we can see, each country is beautiful in its own way. Somewhere there is a wonderful climate and beaches, somewhere there is a strong stable economy. And everyone can find a corner for his soul. But if we take into account how much such a whim costs, it is quite obvious that Turkey unconditionally wins in this matter.

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