Istanbul offers countless attractions for foreigners who are looking for real estate. It’s a metropolis where it’s easy to find everything: Schooling options, shopping centers, fresh food, and many more. It’s also home to many expats which makes it easier to socialize and meet new friends. It’s connected to the rest of the world thanks to its big airports so you can easily travel to Europe, even for weekend getaways.

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey that is witnessing rapid development in its real estate sector as of now. With new land developments in the most desired places, Istanbul is attracting overseas expats to make real estate investments.

Other than that, the location of Istanbul is best for the expats as they can enjoy a better quality of life while spending less. There are many other attractive reasons to buy a house in Istanbul.

This is one of the key incentives of investing in Istanbul real estate. If you buy a property in Turkey worth at least $400,000, you may be eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship. Launched in 2016, Turkey’s citizenship by investment program has been attracting many expats from all around the world.

Istanbul is one of those locations in Turkey where you get a lot of choices in terms of properties. You can choose from built residences, apartments, houses, holiday homes, luxury villas, and many more. All of these properties come at affordable prices, and you can even get stunning views and beautiful sceneries all-around your location.

Many international investors are now investing in Istanbul real estate. The major reasons are affordable prices and the ability to choose among the various types of properties. However, if you’ve not been to Istanbul and don’t know anything about the market, here are some key things to know.

Speaking to a professional is important in house purchases. A real estate professional can guide you through the process smoothly and will help you to finalize the legal steps. Contact us today and talk to one of our independent real estate advisors to help you with your property search in Istanbul.