Laid-back Lifestyle

Alanya offers a considerably comfortable and easy lifestyle. In this beautiful Mediterranean district that is connected to Antalya, you can find almost everything you find in a big city. In addition to these, however, you can also find tranquility and an escape from the tumult of urban life. There’s no rush or fuss in this part of the Turkish riviera, you can just relax and enjoy life against the sea view. 

Affordable Property Prices

One of the biggest advantages of buying property in Alanya is the convenience of the property prices. The prices vary for sure: There are budget apartments for sale in Alanya’s Mahmutlar district, whereas villas for sale in Alanya that are in the city center and have a view of the sea are pricier. However, the overall prices of Alanya homes for sale are fairly affordable. 

Great Investment

Investing in Alanya real estate is a very wise move in terms of a long-term investment. Due to excessive urban and tourist activity over the past few years, real estate in Alanya Turkey has been receiving immense interest from investors. This resulted in a stir in the city’s real estate scene. As well as it being a highly profitable investment in the long run, it’s a great short-term investment, too, because you’ll be living in your dream house with a charming view.

Cost of Living 

Alanya offers a good quality of life for a considerably low cost of living, especially when compared to European cities.

Although it’s an area where economic growth and tourism activities are rapidly advancing, Alanya continues to offer an affordable life with an average cost of living that amounts to approximately $200 for a single person.

Turkish Citizenship

One of the ultimate charms of investing in Alanya real estate is the citizenship opportunity it provides. 

When you buy $400,000 worth of property in Turkey, you can become eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship through the citizenship by investment program. Turkish citizenship offers many benefits, including dual citizenship and the perks of holding a Turkish passport.

Excellent Transportation

You don’t need to drive a car to get around in Alanya. The local council of Alanya has been working hard to ease life for its society in recent years. Regulating and enhancing the transportation system was part of this hard work. You can take the dolmus or the bus to pretty much everywhere in Alanya.

Mild Climate 

Alanya is very hot during the summer and it never gets too cold during winter. If you enjoy mild winters and an abundance of sunshine throughout the year, Alanya is just the place for you. It has the mildest climate in Turkey. 

Beautiful Landscapes

Its plashing waterfalls, golden coastline, sea canyons, and mesmerizing greenery, lays bare its diversity of natural beauties. These remarkable landscapes make investing in Alanya Turkey real estate even more charming.

Wonderful Beaches

Another reason for the growing interest to invest in Alanya Turkey real estate is the fact that Alanya is home to some of the best beaches in Turkey. Cleopatra, Demirtas, and Incekum beaches are some of the most brilliant beaches in the district. There’s nothing like knowing you can enjoy the warmth of the sun on the beach or the refreshing sea breeze after a long week of work.