The President of Turkey announced that a project has been approved to start the construction of a broadband highway that will connect two large resort cities in the province of Antalya at once: Antalya itself and Alanya.

The length of the new transport route will reach 122 kilometers, of which 84 kilometers will be five lanes, and another 38 kilometers - four lanes.

Due to the active population growth in the province of Antalya (partly due to immigrants), some transport issues are becoming an edge; so that the new highway will meet the needs of citizens, and tourism, and commercial enterprises, and agricultural firms.

Alanya has recently been experiencing a development boom: a new hospital is being built here with charitable funds, an office has been opened to resolve various issues and problems of the population - by the way, it will also be engaged in employment of those who wish. Gazipasa Airport is expanding, which has recently become international.