The question "Which is better - an apartment or a private house?" almost always occurs when people choose real estate. And it doesn't matter if it's buying a home in your home country or abroad. There are many opposing opinions on this. There is no specific answer to this question, each person has his own priorities in the factors of choosing housing. Some prefer the convenience of living in an apartment, while others prefer the peace and quiet of a private home.

In order to objectively evaluate all the pros and cons, you need to study in more detail all the information about the features of the purchase and further operation of a particular housing. In this article, we have tried to analyze all the pros and cons of apartments and private houses in Turkey so that you can make the right choice.

Advantages of the apartment

Affordable price and low utility costs.

The most important advantage of a Turkish apartment compared to a house is its lower cost. And we are talking not only about the price of the object, but also about its maintenance with a similar list of utility costs. The rent in Turkey will hit your pocket much less than in a private house.

Ease of content.

Living in apartments, the owners do not worry about the safety of structures and engineering systems, the appearance of the building or the adjacent territory of the residential complex, since all the troubles for maintenance and service fall entirely on the shoulders of the management company.

Another big advantage is time saving, as there is no need to control the listed processes.

Proximity of infrastructure.

Basically, apartments are located in residential complexes or in already populated areas with functioning social facilities in the form of government agencies, offices, educational institutions, shopping and entertainment centers, or where their construction is planned in the near future. You can live in an apartment without any problems, even without a car, while using public transport.

Increased security.

Traditionally, an apartment is considered a safer type of real estate. New houses in Turkey are built mainly with a closed territory, round-the-clock video surveillance and a security system. Only residents of the complex can enter the territory. This is what allows you to minimize the likelihood that an outsider or a thief will get into the apartment.

Investment attractiveness.

An apartment in Turkey is a more profitable investment option, as it is easier to sell or rent. Especially if it is an apartment within walking distance from the sea. The demand for apartment housing is always higher than for suburban real estate.

How much does an apartment in Turkey cost?

We propose to consider the financial issue in more detail. How much will an apartment in Turkey cost?

It all depends on several factors. Among them:

location (region, district),

distance from the sea

number of rooms and area,

housing condition,

construction stage (if it is a new building).

It is quite clear that real estate in large metropolitan areas is an order of magnitude more expensive than throughout the rest of the country. The region of the Aegean coast, which was chosen by the Europeans, has not gone far from the price tag of Ankara and Istanbul. But the Mediterranean coast still retains an affordable entry threshold for making a transaction in the real estate market.

If at the moment the buyer does not have the entire amount, the ideal solution is to buy an apartment in Turkey from the developer under the terms of interest-free installments. To complete such a transaction, it is enough to have 10-30% for the down payment, the rest of the amount is paid until the residential complex is put into operation.

It is also worth noting that when buying real estate at an early stage of construction, you can save about 30% of the cost of the object. The thing is that at the time of the opening of the start of sales (when the pit is dug and the foundation is poured), developers offer square meters almost at cost. At the moment when the project is put into operation, the cost of apartments already reaches the market level.