Real estate in Turkey requires constant attention and control, like any house. Therefore, owners who live abroad and spend only a few weeks or months in their Turkish apartments every year often entrust the management of their property to professionals. It is for this reason that such a demanded service has become a comprehensive after-sales service in real estate companies.

Today, buyers are much more selective than they were a few years ago, and they pay attention to many nuances. Not only the quality of the object itself, the fullness of the infrastructure of the complex, but also additional services of a real estate agency in Turkey are taken into account. The service provided by companies at all stages of the purchase of Turkish housing, even after the completion of the purchase and sale transaction, has become practically the dominant trigger when choosing an intermediary.

After acquiring real estate in Turkey, new tasks arise: obtaining subscriber accounts for water and electricity, buying furniture and household appliances, and other common household issues that can become a living hell for a foreigner. And after-sales services have become a kind of unique pill for the headache associated with the arrangement of life in a new country.

So what is after sales service?

After-sales service is a set of services provided by a real estate agency after a real estate purchase and sale transaction for the purpose of subsequent maintenance of the facility and solving administrative and domestic issues of its clients.

The agency, for a fee, concludes an agreement with the client for the provision of certain services for the maintenance of real estate in good condition, solving a number of domestic issues, assistance in legal and bureaucratic issues. Such services are especially in demand at the very beginning of the adaptation of the homeowner in the new state. The cost of this service is set by each individual company and is prescribed together with the obligations of the parties in the relevant agreement.

Getting positive emotions after purchasing apartments in Turkey through TRUST UNITED does not end with the signing of the relevant documents. We perfectly understand the whole range of tasks that any buyer of an apartment faces. Over the years of work, we have developed convenient and effective mechanisms for solving all emerging problems and will be happy to help our clients in this matter.

Real estate company TRUST UNITED has helped many buyers, most of whom have become our regular customers. We are actively expanding the types of real estate agency services to fully satisfy all your wishes. Trust us to take care of your apartments in sunny Turkey!