Antalya is a great city to live in because it has something to offer to everyone. It’s a vivacious city where you can also find tranquility or the opportunity for an active life. But why should you invest in Antalya real estate? 

Here are a few reasons why you should start looking into houses for sale in Antalya Turkey:

Affordable Real Estate

Antalya is a hot location in terms of real estate. The prices are incredibly fair compared to the European cities, especially if you’re okay with living a little further from the center. 

Excellent Education Facilities

Turkey, in general, offers great education opportunities. Since Antalya is the fifth largest city in the country, there are education facilities of great quality. The educational institutions in Antalya have excellent teaching staff who use the latest technical equipment, and educational tools. There are free educational facilities as well as private institutions where students can receive education in different languages. There are also a number of decent public and private universities that offer various programs.

Perfect Investment

Since Antalya is one of the largest cities in Turkey, constantly developing and swarming with tourism investments, the real estate scene is hale and hearty as well. Hence, buying property in Antalya is the perfect investment. Especially if you happen to find an Antalya house for sale that’s listed below its value, don’t miss this great investment opportunity because you’ll most likely multiply your money. 

Cost of Living

As it’s the case in every city, the cost of living in Antalya varies depending on the location. Living costs decrease as you move further from the city center and tourist locations. However, overall prices are definitely lower compared to any other location in Europe. What’s best is that the quality of life is considerably high whereas the cost of living is convenient. 

Turkish Citizenship

One of the greatest advantages of investing in Antalya real estate is that it provides the investor with the opportunity to become a Turkish citizen. 

Through the investment citizenship program, you can apply for Turkish citizenship on the condition that you buy real estate property in Turkey that’s of at least $400,000 value.

Security of the City

As one of the safest cities in Turkey, Antalya offers an atmosphere of tolerance and hospitality. The city has a high level of compliance with social rules whereas its violence and crime rates are the lowest in the country. 

Rich History

There’s a mesmerizing historical texture in every corner of Antalya because the city dates back to BC. The region where Antalya is located has been home to the Lycians, Lydians, Pamphylians, Pergamon, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, and Ottomans throughout history. Hence, the city and its periphery swarm with historical wonders. 

Great Food

Since Antalya has such a rich history, its food culture is quite prosperous as well. The most dominant components of the food culture in Antalya are yörük (nomadic people of the area) culture and Mediterranean culture. Some of the most famous meals of the region’s cuisine are Cretan kebab with artichokes, Alanya bundle, stuffed ribs, and banana dessert. In addition to great local cuisine, you can also find several Michelin-starred restaurants in Antalya.

Proximity to the Beach

Here’s yet another reason for you to invest in Antalya Turkey real estate: Antalya is home to some of the best beaches in Turkey!

If you live in Antalya, you can go to one of these blue flag beaches that include Kaputaş, Kalkan, Damlataş, Cleopatra, and Finike for a weekend swim, or you can learn to dive in the crystal clear waters because Antalya is also one of the best diving areas in Turkey.