The Board of Parks and Gardens of the Municipality of Alanya has completed the construction of a unique Therapeutic Park, which will be the first in the entire Mediterranean. For this, a green area of 2133 sq.m was transformed in the eastern part of Oba (Alanya resort).

From now on, the inhabitants and guests of the city can rest, relax and “connect to nature” in the Therapeutic Park, specially designed for this purpose, without leaving the city.

The infrastructure of the Therapeutic Park - so far the only object of its kind on the entire Mediterranean coast - includes a "biological pool" (in general, there will be three pools at once, in different parts of the park); garden of medicinal plants; a special "aroma zone"; specialized walking paths; cascading mini-pool; "plant" tunnels and various promenades and walking areas, including those decorated with statues; there will also be a cafe.

Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yucel explained that the Therapeutic Park, although it mainly pleases the eyesight, was nevertheless intended to involve other senses of the citizens: to "load" their sense of smell, touch, hearing and taste with work. Not to mention the incredible beauty of the park. “With its help, we hope to raise awareness of the population about the positive and healing effect of such an environment on the health and emotional state of people,” the head of the city specified.

Alanya is becoming more and more comfortable and pleasant for life: soon another large medical facility will be built here at the expense of the benefactor. And more recently, the opening of the "Dog Park" took place here, in addition to the "Park of Cats" that has been operating for many years.