1) The temperature during the winter months are around 15 to 22 degrees and in the summer time can be as high as 40.

2) Property prices are lower than in many other Mediterranean coastal regions. In Alanya there are apartments just steps away from the sea starting from only £ 29,900.

3) The Turkish title deed is universally recognized as the most comprehensive document to establish complete ownership of the building and corresponding proportion of land (including apartments).

4) Rental guarantees are available for selected properties in order to guarantee a healthy return on your investment.

5) The announcement last week that Tepe Akfen Airports Holding (TAV) won the right to operate the Gazipasa Airport near Alanya and will be running for international flight in late 2008.

6) Turkish Mortgages are to be available shortly. Propertyprices can be enhanced by this facility.

7) Inexpensive living cost in Turkey. (For instance: monthly electricity expense is around 10-20  and water is around 5-15 )

8) Turkey is actively seeking full membership of the European Union.

9) 70% of people in Alanya speak English.

10) You will find the great Turkish hospitality & traditions of east & west cultures.

11) Year-around city living unlike many other resorts in the Mediterranean.

12) There are 4 major private and government run hospitals.

13) There are 6 Major golf courses within easy driving distance of Alanya.

14) Skiing Resorts are only apprx. 120 miles from Alanya.

15) Antalya International Airport is only 90 minutes drive to Alanya. Low-cost nonstop flights run throughout year around from all major airports.

16) International Sport Tournaments

 International Beach Volley in July (Live on Eurosport)

 International Triathlon in September (Live on Eurosport)

 International Streetball Tournament in August

 International Beach Handball in July

17) There are scenic rivers in Alanya with full sport & leisure facilities.

18) There are festival celebrations during the summer in Alanya and surrounding area.

genuine lifestyle

This beautiful city is chosen as a place for their rest not only by foreign tourists, but also by local residents. They are attracted by the mild Mediterranean climate, picturesque mountain and sea landscapes, fresh forest air, clean fine sand and clear warm sea, and the most important advantage - a visa-free regime with many countries. The city is surrounded by numerous luxurious beaches and bays. The most famous in Alanya is the beautiful Cleopatra beach, which rightfully has worldwide recognition, it has been awarded by "Blue Flag" - the international eco-certificate for its cleanliness and improvement . Only beaches that meet the highest quality standards are awarded by this mark.

But not only the beaches of Alanya attract tourists. The variety of exotic vegetation that adorns the streets of the city and the landscapes of the majestic rocky mountains that surround this beautiful place are breathtaking.

There are many different entertainment possibilities in Alanya. On the beach you can sunbathe, swim, relax, have fun and do water sports: parasailing, water skiing, bicycles, catamarans and bananas. Diving enthusiasts can dive into the depths of the sea, accompanied by an instructor.

Not far from Cleopatra Beach there are parks with walking paths and exotic flowers, cozy cafes and restaurants, sports and playgrounds, a huge water park, as well as an amusement park with various swings and attractions, where you can have fun with the whole family, will get a lot vivid impressions and lots of emotional adrenaline rush.


Buying property in Turkey is far easier than you might think. We, as Trust United International, will assist you with our extensive experience of Alanya properties during your purchasing phase. 

What to do before buying property in Turkey;

  • Do some thorough research about the country and decide in which part of it you prefer to invest in Turkey and live.
  • The major areas to be invested in are Istanbul, Antalya, Alanya and North Cyprus
  • Make sure you have prepared your finances accordingly.
  • Consult your estate agent in Turkey regarding your investment.

Your satisfaction is our goal

Simply put, your satisfaction is our goal. When you buy your vacation home with us, we aim to bring happiness to your family by assisting you to make decisions with no regrets.

We understand that reaching this goal is not easy. For this reason, we are hard-working professionals who work on your behalf to make your buying experience move smoothly from start to finish. Together with you, we will avoid obstructions down the road and prevent unpleasant surprises

We support you from the beginning of your search. We will make your travel arrangements to your targeted destination. Once you are at your destination, we will show you the most relevant properties based on your interests and search criteria. After you select your dream house, we will take care of all of the details and make the property ready to move in


Expenses When Buying Property in Turkey;

  • 3% Sales Tax: Calculated by Land Registry Office-based on assessed value.
  • 40 € Stamp Duty: Payable to Land Registry Office.
  • 40 €: Translator in Land Registry Office.
  • 100-150 €: expertise report


Many people are thinking about buying property abroad. A country house or a comfortable apartment by the sea is a place where a person can fully relax after hard work.

As various studies show, real estate in Turkey is becoming a popular destination for buyers and this trend will only increase in the coming years.

The advantage of buying property in Turkey lies in the optimal ratio of price and quality, as well as in a fairly simple and confidential procedure for preparing and executing a sale and purchase transaction.


There are 8 the most important reasons:


Citizens of the 79 countries and territories do not require a visa to visit Turkey up to the 180 days for tourism or business purposes . Almost all European countries belongs to this category. Also residences of 43 other countries and territories, includes USA and United Kingdom, can obtain multiple-entry e-Visas online prior to arrival or for those arriving to Turkey without e-Visas will be able to obtain them via interactive kiosks placed in Turkish airports for a max stay of 90 days.



Ownership of real estate in Turkey is a fundamental reason for obtaining a residence permit for all family members, which are pointed in the Title Deed for a property.  You should pass your documents for applying the residential permit before the expiry of the term of your visa-free stay in Turkey or before the expiry of your visa. The residence permit is issued for one year and then renewed.



In the Republic of Turkey there is a uniform system, which deals with a registration of a number of documents needed to obtain the Title Deed for a real estate. These documents are issued at the institution - the Cadastral Management. It is the main government body that carries out completely all the procedures related to the registration of the real estate documents. Legitimacy and validity are guaranteed at the state level.



 Tax legislation in Turkey is equal as for foreigners as for Turkish citizens. Property tax must be paid annually from the second year, after buying real estate. The amount of an annual tax is calculated based on the value of the object that is pointed in the Title Deed. The tax rate depends on the type of a property and a location.



Turkey is located at the crossroads of important routes, that from the ancient times joins Europe with Asia, the Black Sea countries and peoples - with the Mediterranean. Now many important roads and railway lines lie through Turkey, that connect Europe with many Asian countries.



Turkey is located in several climatic zones. Therefore, here everyone can find a suitable climate conditions for himself. From Continental climate in mountain regions with hot and dry summers and cold snowy winters till the mild subtropical climate in Mediterranean are, with comparatively soft and warm winters. An average temperature in the Mediterranean area in winter time (January) is about +10 ° C, in the summer (July) is about +25 ° C.



In the 90-ies after the liberalization, the Turkish economy began to develop at a growing rate. Now it is characterized by a significant share of the private sector and the predominance of the market relations. The government continues its policy as for liberalizing the economy, privatizing state concerns and providing access to the domestic market to the foreign investors.



Turkey takes the sixth position in the list of the most visited countries by the foreign tourists (World Tourism rankings), which is made by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).  For making this list UNWTO counts quantity tourists who arrives from abroad, the amount of money that tourists spends in this country and general income from the tourism.

About Us

We support you from the beginning of your search of property in Turkey. We will organize your viewing trip to Alanya. Once you are at your destination, we will show you the most relevant properties in Alanya based on your interests and search criteria I believe that every design is personal. The connection we have with clients determines how the projects will look at the end of the design process. We must understand the clients and bond with them, be a part of their dream. Their dream is our dream. 

genuine lifestyle

Most of our properties in Turkey are located either right by the sea or within walking distance to the beach. Moreover, almost every property has its own sea and mountain view. Above all, you can have your dream home in Turkey with affordable prices and a longer payment plan.

You can experience a genuine lifestyle and interact with locals wherever you go. While taking a walk around your home by the sea you can come across with local people and taste their local food, pick your own veggies and fruits, buy freshly baked bread and even fresh milk and cheese and butter at a local barn.

Along with local life, you can experience high standard living with 5 star luxurious hotels and international golf clubs. Not to mention a big quantity of sightseeing places which shows us languages history. 


  • Electric Connection: 300 
  • Water Connection: 200 
  • White Goods: 1,500  - 2,000 € (if needed)
  • Air Conditioners: 1,000  - 2,000 € (if needed)
  • Furniture: 2,000  - 5,000 € (depending on size)
  • Monthly Maintenance Fee: 20  - 150  (per month)
  • Annual Property Tax: 0.02 % from property value