Kyrenia became the heart of tourism of North Cyprus. With its old harbor and city, many people attracted to the area. Bellapais Monastery dated back to 14th century, takes a lot of attention from tourist all over the world. Old castles and fortress are also other activities in Kyrenia. Also one and only golf club of North Cyprus called Korenium is located 10 km to the city center. Gillham Vineyard is also favors Kyrenia as one of the best destination of the island with wine tasting and producing activities.



Famagusta is the city where all eyes of the world are on at the moment. That’s because one of the ghost towns called (Varoşa/Maraş) is located right at the heart of the city. Imagine a city that was the most desired travel destination of all world and celebrities used to have their vacation. After the separation from Cyprus, this city Varoşa/Maraş deserted and turned into a ghost town since 1974. No access was allowed since then. But now you will have a chance to visit this amazing place by walking and cycling. You will have the opportunity to experience all.



Nicosia is the capitol of the North Cyprus as well as South Cyprus. This spectacular city is the only capitol in the world divided by a wall in the center and became a capitol city to two states. Even though there is a wall in between, Cyprus citizens and tourists can cross the border within a minute by showing their ID. Imagine a street (Ledra Street) one side on the South Cyprus and the other side on the North Cyprus states and you can walk thru the border and live both culture in a minute. From a hustle and bustle street to a tranquil world of North Cyprus.