The shining star of the Mediterranean, Alanya, is the perfect tourist destination with its long, sandy beaches, historical artifacts, natural beauty, fish restaurants, contemporary hotels, cafés, bars and discos. Alanya welcomes you with its 13-centuries old Seljuk Castle, which is situated like a crown at top of Alanya’s peninsula. An unprecedented shipyard and monumental Kizil Kule is the worth seeing historical places beside of the impressive castle. Summit of the Alanya peninsula where the castle is most behold place to have panoramic Alanya scenery. There are cafes and restaurants there servicing for the people who want to enjoy this magical scenery. In gift shops carefully made souvenirs and ornamentals will make your day unforgettable as well as restaurants and cafes. Alanya observation terrace is visually attractive place again for to have this panoramic view. You can also have an extra comfort by using the cafes and restaurants services in the terrace. Apart from watching the panoramic view from the terrace you also can have a picnic on green fragrant gardens.



The main sightseeing places in Alanya are: the colorful harbor with spacious walking paths, a large number of tour boats, decorated in various themed styles from exhilarating pirate schooners to luxurious voyage yachts. Also in this place there are many cozy cafes and restaurants that surround the harbor of Alanya, where you can not only eat deliciously, but also enjoy the enchanting views. Along the road to the harbor, you will find big quantity of boutiques that sell textiles, leather, jewelry and locally colored pumpkins. If you are one of the cave explorers, you must visit the Dim and Damlatash caves. Alanya Ethnographic Museum is located next to Damlatash Cave. There are also daily boat tours, during which you can visit 3 more caves: Phosphorlu Cave (phosphorus cave), Asiklar cave (lovers 'cave) and Kizlar cave (girls' cave), which pirates used to keep female captives ... The Dimchay Valley in the north of Alanya is a unique recreation area where you can take a break from the hot in the summer season. In this valley, you can relax under the shade of the trees, swim in the cold water of the Dimchay River and taste delicious freshly caught fish in the restaurants built right on the river.