Why invest in Turkey?

Why Turkey?

• Beautiful landscape..
• Combination of contemporary and traditional..
• It’s not only a place to work, but also a fascinating place to live..


Why should we invest in Turkey?
Turkey's credit rating
While S&P has increased the credit rating of Turkey twice as of 2008, Fitch has increased the long-term foreign currency issuer default rating of the country up to the level of being investible which makes Turkey a country to be invested in in short term and long term.
The credit rate of Turkey is below the level of being investible according to other credit rating agencies.


Some key figures of Turkey

• Turkey is the 18th largest economy in the World.
• The largest young population when compared to the EU countries…
• Country population 74.724.269

Turkish economy has achieved a growth of;
• 6% on average between the years of 2001 and 2011
• The income per capital has increased from $3,037 to $10,444


Top reasons to invest in Turkey!
- International transfer center
- Acces to multiple markets
- Turkey is the 6th most visited holiday destination in the World (2012)
- Dynamic, stable and attractive economy
- GDP and income 2011 GDP (current price $774 billion)
- Annual average real GDP growth (5,5%) 2002-2012
- Annual  real GDP growth (2,2%) 2012


Why invest in Turkey?

According to the projection Turkey will be the 9th largest economy in the World and the 3rd largest economy in Europe by 2050.

• Real Estate; Third most attractive real estate investment destination in 2012 (AFIRE); Antalya is the most attractive real estate investment market in 2012 over past 9 years.
• Turkey Shows the best economy prospects within “Europe”; short and mid-term;

Property Investment Turnover: Turkey

Turkish investment market growing gradually; leisure and retail attracting most interest.
Construction industry data
• In 2010 the construction industry achieved a growth at the rate of 18.3% and became the fastest-growing industry.
• The construction industry maintained its fast growth in 2011 as well and achieved a growth of 11.2%
• It is expected that the construction industry may achieved a growth of 10,8% in 2012.
How did construction investments change by years in Turkey?
Investments in construction sector consist of two items building investments and non-building investments implemented by private sectors. Construction investments have increased to USD 61.6 billion in the year 2011 and to USD 70.2 billion in 2012. Private sector has grown faster in terms of construction investments reaching to USD 45.5 billion with a share of 64.8% in total construction investments.