Turquoise Card Reform in Turkey to Foreign Investors


Turquoise Card Reform in Turkey to Foreign Investors


At a press conference on the "Reform of the investment package," Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Nurettin Canikli made a statement regarding numerous state exporters and real investors in this sector. He said that it would be an economic revolution - a new business plan will be established and approved, which covers a large segment of investors interests in the real estate sector.

Foreigners who buy property in Turkey is guaranteed to be issued a residence permit, and then citizenship.

FOREIGN INVESTORS will issue a " turquoise card"

The basis of the " turquoise card" program includes a list of the following items:

Foreign nationals who have a degree will be given a number of privileges.

International students will have the right to get work.

Foreign businessmen will receive official permission for the work in Turkey at the time of business activities.

If foreigners looking for a short period job, they will easily receive a work permit.

The amendment will be adopted in the legislation as for the extension of rights for work in Turkey for skilled foreigners who have a " turquoise card".


These reforms will help to improve the economy and will help to development of the business.

Taking into consideration all above mentioned, it was decided to facilitate the procedure and conditions of issuance of work permits.

These conditions are not in any way affect the holding business in Turkey by local citizens.