Transportion to Alanya

For people who prefer motorway;
Alanya provides easy transportation to visitors for intercity motorway. Alanya have various break points, facilities, hotels and resting place on the motorway between intercities to the visitors. Reach to Alanya from the distant point of Turkey is maximum 24 hours from the motorway. Alanya is close to the main points of motorways so visitors have easily travel to Alanya. 

Rest of these knowledges distance to the some cities;
To İstanbul (860km), to İzmir(580km), to Ankara( 570km), to Kapadokia( 495km), to Adana( 410km), to Pamukkale(370km), to Mersin( 355km), to Denizli( 340km), to Konya(300km).

The nearest city is Antalya to Alanya. Also Alanya is belong to Antalya. Distance between Alanya and Antalya 135km.

For people who prefer airline;
Gazipasa airport where is just 45km to alanya presents service in high season once a week by Holland airline brand and Turkish Anadolu Jet airline twice a week to Ankara direct flight. Gazipasa is east of Alanya. Antalya airport is located at the West side of Alanya and distance is 125km. Antalya airport is so busy situation with domestic and international lines. 

Mostly Turkish Airline has flights to the Antalya Airport. Some of the international flights connected with Istanbul. Rest of this many airlines have flights to the Antalya airport.

Alternatives to reach from Antalya Airport to Alanya: 
There are taxis, service which are belong to some of airline brands and intercity buses which goes from the main road to the Alanya. On the side we are presenting special transfer between Antalya airport and Alanya by Sonmez Real Estate Company. To get transfer with VIP transfer vehicle please fill the form. 

For people who prefer seaway:
There is no direct navigation from Turkey ports to Alanya port. There is also yacht port 6-7km to the West side of Alanya for people who wants to come Alanya with private yacht. After privatization of port there are many voyage from european and Israel to Alanya port. Approximately 100 ships and 80 thousand tourists come to Alanya by seaway. 

There is another alternative in the summer time between Cyprus( Girne) and Alanya by ferryboat. With this alternative people can go to Cyprus in the summer time directly. 

Ferryboat times programme between Cyprus(Girne) and Alanya 

Girne > Alanya 
Thursday : 11:00 - Sunday : 11:00

Alanya > Girne
Monday : 12:00 - Friday : 12:00

Local transportation in Alanya
There are many alternatives for transportation in Alanya. Some of them public buse sor taxis help you fort his. 

Transportation ways in alanya center and local towns. 

Public buses in alanya center :
The public buses use for transportation in alanya center. Every 15 minutes goes from your place.

The longest journey is between Alanya Kestel and Ulas Dinek from the seashore. Another line starts from the metro cash and carry market to the West side of center bus station from the 25mt Street. 

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