Analysis of the real estate sector in Alanya


According to the previous year in Alanya, there is a rise in apartment prices by approximately 20%. The main reasons for this are;

 -Increase on land prices in Alanya

-Increase of the real estate agents in Alanya

-Fairs, seminars and advertising activities

-More than previous years, the Middle East is beginning to invest in Turkey

-According to demand in design, the apartments in Alanya show big diversity

-Especially in the city center and the Cleopatra area the land has been exhausted

-Increase in demand for rental apartments in Alanya

-Turkey is very cheap compared to the living costs in European countries


For these reasons and similar reasons apartment and villa prices in Alanya are increasing.

Compared to other countries, the real estate prices in Alanya are still very cheap and investors have great opportunities to make good investments in Alanya in the future.