Beaches of Alanya

Alanya draw attention with its long, sandy, blue flag beaches and afford to look good and large size are important terms for satisfaction for swim and having great time on the beaches.

Blue flag is an international control administration for the clean and high standard beaches. They have standard and your beach must fit the their standard also they are controlling sea water is well it has to be clean in their standard again. If you can catch their qualifications they give you a blue flag valid for one year. Its mean that microbiological and physicochemical analysis of sea water for every each two weeks. In Alanya color of the sea water is becoming turquoise from the blue by the coast. In calm weather it is always possible to see fish in deep of the sea water. Alanya has the long and sandy beaches on both side of historical peninsula. West side beaches are Damlatas and Cleopatra east side beaches are Keykubat and Portakal name call.

Outside of the city center there are many beaches again and those beaches names are Ulas, Konakli, Fugla, Incekum and Mahmutlar. Alanya has kilometers of beaches. Beside the beaches bays are by the main road combinate with the nature and pine trees are welcomes to people who like to be in peaceful area.

In Alanya beaches, as well as the international rules the local authorities rules are apply too. Accordingly, entrance to the beaches are for free always. Sun loungers and beach umbrellas are paid. It is not necessary to use this services on the beaches you can always go to beach for free. All the cafes on the beaches have the same price list. There isn’t any price different on their menu.

Boats and water sports are not allowed approach to the sea side, swimming areas are identified with the barriers. The beaches are very secure in Alanya we have sea and beach polices responsible for security on the beaches.

Damlatas blue flag beach situated to the west side of historical Alanya peninsula in front of Damlatas cave. Beach is sandy like sea floor. Long sandy beach reaches up to the peninsula. The bay with the big rocks and extending to the peninsula is called Cleopatra. According to legend queen of Egypt Cleopatra swam in this bay when she visit Anatolian coast line. Cleopatra bay specialty is clarity of water. If you like hiking you can use to walking path for to reach to Fosforlu Magra (Phosphorous Cave) by the peninsula. If you dive with the goggles you will have to chance to watch natural beauty of seabed in clean sea water. Entrance is free to the beach but you must pay for the parasols and lounge chair if you use.

As a continuation of Damlatas beach and approximately two kilometers long and blue flag beach. It is sandy like seabed. Long and large beach is very deep in few steps. It is one of the favorite beach in Alanya. In summer season this beach welcomes thousands of people. Just at the back side of the beach it is possible to find cafes, green parks, hotels and sports facilities. Water sports like parasailing, jet ski, pedalo are popular activities in this beach. All those activities area is outside of swimming zone. Entrance to the beach is free parasols and lounge beds are payable. Every each 50 m cafes are serving food and drinks. Sunset from this beach create magnificent scenery.

Blue flag beach start from Alanya town hall and 3 km long at the easth side of historical peninsula. It sandy but in some places it has rocky spaces. Because of the bougainvillea plants in the parks and green areas near by this beach called Bougainvillea Beach by the local resident. Like Cleopatra beach this beach also popular and water sports activities available on the beach. Entrance is free but parasols and lounge beds are payable. The hotels cafes and restaurants on the beach can be used by the visitors on that beach. From some of hotels pier the boat trips are available and it is also possible to take this tours by visitors.

Blue flag one kilometer long beach situated east side of Alanya city center. As a continuation of Keykubat Beach it starts where the Oba Cay meets with the sea and it ands in estuary of Dim River. At the back of this beach magnificent Taurus mountains are set. The beach is sparse sandy and sometimes they are 100 m long. The seabed is sandy and rocky in this beach. Free entrance to this public beach. Cafes and restaurants are available for the visitors. It is possible to find water sports activities on this beach. The rivers are bringing cold water to the sea and it is a great fun to swim in this cold water.

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