30 August - Victory Day in Turkey

Victory Day in Turkey

Every year on 30 of  August  Turkey celebrates a great national holiday - Victory Day (Zafer Bayrami) in honor of decisive victory over the Greek invaders, and in memory of those who were killed at the Battle near Dumlupinar, where the war for the independence of Turkey has been finished in 1922.

First time the Victory Day was celebrated on 30 of August in 1923 in Afyonkarahisar, Ankara and Izmir. It became an official holiday in 1935. Since then, Victory Day is celebrated annually all over the country.

On the Day of Victory in all cities of the Turkey and on North Cyprus, government organize the concerts, military parades and ceremonies, accompanied by Janissary march, to strengthen the time connection in the mass consciousness.

Today in Alanya, Trust United team visited the official ceremony of hoisting the Turkish flag and laying flowers to the monument of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (1881-1938) the first president of the Turkish Republic.