Museums of Alanya

Alanya Red Tower( Etnographic) museum
Alanya Red Tower is a work of Seljuk comes from 13th century . Also called Etnographia museum in Alanya. 

Red Tower is 5 floor storey building. Entrance floor and first floor arranged as a museum. There are carpets as a symbol of Alanya, rug, clothes, kitchenware, weapons, weighing, lighting, weaving looms and many tent belong to Toros mountain shows the culture of nomad life. 

Part of the time exhibiton of painting, classical music concerts culture and art activities arrange in Red Tower. There is wonderful panorama to east side of Alanya and ancient peninsula of Alanya. Also there is a gate to rampart from Red Tower. You can walk in the rampart and castle. 

Alanya Ataturk House Museum
This museum is leader of Turkey and founder of Turkey Republic Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s house. Located in districk of Sekerhane, Azaklar Street. 

This house is belong to deep-rooted family of Alanya Azakoglu. This house is storey 3 floors building. Atatürk stay and rest in this house 18 February 1935 in the mediterranean travel. The last owner of house Rıza Azakoglu donated to the culture and tourism ministry. Culture and tourism ministry decide to restore Ataturk House. This Ataturk House open as a museum in 30 April 1987 by president of Turkey Kenan Evren. 

The garden of this house shows the 19th century of Turkish architecture quality. In entrance floor exhibiting Ataturk’s personal things, pictures, documents and telegraph which are sent by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk to Alanya people. There is also traditional furniture in last floor. 

Alanya Archeology Museum
This museum opened in 1967 and divide 2 parts. One is archeology one is etnograpy. There are some collections and inventions to exhibit people. Every year museum became richer with new inventions and diggins. 

Difference in Etnographic part is Lydia, Rome and Ottoman species available. You can see the bronze statu of Greek mythology Hero Hercul. This statu found 35km faraway to Alanya. Some of people tried to let escape this statu out of Turkey. But this attempt was failured. Now exhibiting in this museum. 

At last there are many jugs exhibiting in etnographic part. At the same time you can see the ancient furniture in here. Also exculusive weapon collections, hand made carpets, ancient Kur-an, clothes and library. 

Archeology part is in the garden of museum and interesting as well as Etnographic part. There are many flowers and animals. There are some grave in the garden. These are comes from Rome, Greek, Seljuk and Ottoman history. These are just example of grave. But some of the local people believe that these graves are real. Watching the how make olive oil in the past possible. 

Alanya Citadel Castle Museum
This museum is at the hill peninsula of mediterranean. Alanya castle is symbol of Alanya. Every year many tourists visit this ancient castle. After dig the history this magnificent castle of Seljuk Sultan I. Alaeddin Keykubat was found. Diggins have been continue nowadays. 

There is a church citadel of castle. This church belongs to Seljuk time. The history writes this church made by Aya Yorgi or Hagios Georgios in 6th century. The plan of church is as a clover. Many religion use this church at past. We understand that seljuks shows their hospitality all the time. There are many fresk on the Wall of church. 

There is mountain and West side of Alanya panorama in citadel of Alanya castle. There is also a cistern and called ‘’ throw man place’’. According to tale that the guilty has three chance to reach stone to the sea. If the guilty reach it the guilty was forgiven. Otherwise the guilty throw to the cliff in the sack. The tale says that cistern as a prison.

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