Alanya situated in the boarders of Antalya province and it is in 135 km distance to the Antalya city center. Alanya located to 36° 30’07 and 36° 36’31 north latitude and 31° 38’40 east longitude total covering area of 175.678 hectares by the Mediterranean. Part of the Taurus mountains hosts Alanya highlands around 1000m above the sea level in north. Alanya castle at south with its 6500m length walls. Because of its location transportation is very convenient and easy from all directions. Natural and historical abundance, long summer season up to eight months, 60 km coast line and sandy beaches in Alanya Makes this town one of the most popular Mediterranean tourist destination. Alanya is also important town in terms of underground resources. Mineral Research and Exploration institute (MTA) were detected aluminum (Bauxite), barite, phosphate, quartzite and grit in Alanya but they didn’t operated this important mineral deposits.

Part of Taurus Geyik and Akcali mountains meets in north of Alanya at 1000 m altitude and this highlands and plateaus are surrounded by Mediterranean costal ranges. All those highlands are used by local people as a second holiday home for the hot Mediterranean summer season. Along the lower parts of those mountains lowlands are occurred. Alanya peninsula is separated from the Taurus mountains with one of those lowlands. Alanya has many big and small rivers and those rivers has different flows in every different season. Because of hot weather some of those rivers are having very weak flows and some of them even get dry in late summer. In autumn all those rivers having higher flows with the heavy Mediterranean rains and in spring all they come to maximum flows with the melting snow from the high Taurus mountains. Used for irrigation some of the important rivers are Alara, Kargi, Serap Su, Oba and Dim. Alara river is the boundary between Alanya and Manavgat districts. The Dim River has a popular promenade and also there is one barrage on this river which become operational in 2009.

The total area of Alanya is 175.678 hectare. Agriculture area is 28.880 hectare which is %16.45, Grassland are is 9.860 hectare which is %6.26, heathland and forest areas are 115.013 hectare which is %65.48, lakes and rivers are 185 hectare which is %0.1, residential area is only 20.560 hectare which is %11.70 in Alanya . Because of its location and climate Alanya has the most fertile soil in the region. That’s why there are many kinds of plants growing in this region. Antalya provincial has the most wealth forest in Mediterranean region. Alanya is a district in Antalya and it has the most wealth forests in Antalya region. Alanya forests are forms %0.5 of national forests in Turkey. For to increase up this ratio every year 750 hectare lands planting with the several kind of trees. Some of the mountains are covered by typical Mediterranean lemur. In higher elevation of this mountains has larch and cedar grove shore side of those mountains has pine trees. In some places even the sea and mountain nested together like Incekum. Usually pine, larch, cedar, oak, fir, juniper, plane, alder trees are growing in this forests but it is also possible to see poplar, lime tree, chestnut tree and hazel. Apart from natural vegetation there is also agricultural plantation available in Alanya. Citrus and banana gardens gaining a lively greenery to Alanya, kiwi and alligator pear gardens are new coming up in this region. In high lands up on the mountains apple, pear, quince gardens are common. Long time ago eucalyptus trees brought here for reclaim the swamp lands but they are only foliage plants now by the roads. It is possible to find different natural vegetation in different areas and its one of the main reason for to be agricultural and touristic hot spot for Alanya.


Summers are hot and dry winters are warm and rainy in Alanya it is a typical Mediterranean weather. Some years winters are like summers in this region, afternoons breeze comes from the Mediterranean and its making the hot summer days little bit cooler in Alanya. Mountain pass between Alanya peninsula and Taurus mountains creating an air stream and this is a positive factor for regulating hot temperature. Natural beauty and climate make this region as a most popular tourist destination. Besides its natural beauty and historical values in this tourism paradise it is important to know sunbath period, sea water and air temperature. For hot destinations tourists are preferring regions like Alanya because of its long and sunny days. For winter holiday cold and snowy regions are popular. Touristic destinations are always more preferable when they have stable climate. Because they can easily plan next holiday in comfort. Because of warm sea water temperature and sunny winter days you can see north countries residence swimming in winter time in this warm holiday spot. According to the meteorological measurements in Alanya the average temperatures are 20.0° for the air and 22.1° for the sea water. 

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